Study at Sacred Heart

Welcome to Sacred Heart Major Seminary, where we prepare students to answer the call of the Holy Spirit for greater service and witness in the Catholic Church. Our diploma and degree programs offer an exciting opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Catholicism and serve the Church.

At Sacred Heart, we proudly teach in obedience to the Magisterium and offer a renowned faculty with expertise in their field of study. With solid philosophical and theological curricula, we provide a well-rounded foundation for those pursuing ministry or teaching.

Join our supportive and faith-filled community at Sacred Heart to explore your vocation and deepen your Catholic faith. Whether you are called to the vocation of priesthood or the permanent diaconate, lay ecclesial ministry, or simply wish to learn more about your faith, we can help you prepare to answer "Yes!" Spiritual formation is an integral part of our pastoral ministry programs, ensuring that your mind and soul are inspired.

Considering priesthood

If you're considering priesthood, we invite you to first have a conversation with the Office of Vocations or your local diocesan or religious vocations representative.

Permanent Diaconate

If you're thinking about the permanent diaconate, we invite you to first visit the Permanent Diaconate page on the Archdiocese of Detroit website. Next, give the Office of Admissions a call at (313) 883-8696 to learn about program options.

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Lay Students

If you feel called to lay ecclesial ministry (such as pastoral associate, director of religious education, youth ministry, campus ministry, theology teacher, etc.), apply online or give the Office of Admissions a call at (313) 883-8696 to schedule your admissions interview.

Faith Enrichment

You can explore and deepen your understanding of the Catholic faith with our Certificate in Catholic Theology program! This program includes 6 introductory courses which cover all the major topics in theology, and is designed for learners at all levels. Just want to take one class or two? Ask our admissions team about your many options!

Not sure where God is calling you? That's completely normal! Like Samuel in the Old Testament, you may say "Lord, here I am!" yet need to pray and discern more before clearly hearing what God wants. We invite you to "come and see" what the Lord may have ahead for you. Take a course or two as an unclassified student, whether at the seminary or at one of our convenient parish satellite locations or online.

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