Educational Effectiveness of Academic Programs

Educational Outcomes Assessment

 Sacred Heart Major Seminary engages in assessment of educational goals and outcomes of its degree and diploma programs for the purpose of improvement of programs and services, and to ensure that program goals and outcomes are being met.

Please see our Educational Outcomes Assessment Plan

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

 Sacred Heart Major Seminary prepares priests, deacons, and lay ecclesial ministers for work in the New Evangelization.  SHMS provides the following information on institutional effectiveness:

  1. Completion, Retention, and Transfer Rates (IPEDS)
  2. Diversity Rates (IPEDS College Navigator)
  3. Retention Statistics - SHMS
  4. Placement Information
  5. Educational Assessment Select Indicators
    1. MA Degree Results - MA Thesis Rubric
    2. MDIV Degree Results - MDIV STB Exam Rubric
    3. MDIV Degree Results - MDIV Integrating Seminar Rubric
    4. Intermediate Diploma in Diaconal Studies/M.A.P.S. Diaconal Studies Results - Diaconate Evaluations
    5. MAPS Degree Results - MAPS Spiritual & Ministerial Goals
    6. MDIV Degree Goal Results - MDIV Outcome 1
    7. Undergraduate Programs - Theology Post Test Results 2014-2015 thru 2020-2021
    8. STL Degree Program Results - Goal One - 2011-2019
    9. Undergraduate Programs - Writing Rubric Results
  6. Additional information can be found on the Consumer Information section of this website.
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