Educational Outcomes Assessment

Sacred Heart Major Seminary engages in assessment of educational goals and outcomes of its degree and diploma programs for the purpose of improvement of programs and services, and to ensure that program goals and outcomes are being met.

Please see our Educational Outcomes Assessment Plan

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Sacred Heart Major Seminary prepares priests, deacons and lay ecclesial ministers for the work in the New Evangelization.  Based on a June 2012 survey, 66% of Sacred Heart graduates are actively engaged in ministry or some apostolate doing the work of the New Evangelization.   This high percentage of graduates engaged in the work for which they were academically prepared at Sacred Heart demonstrates our educational effectiveness.

Sacred Heart Major Seminary also measures its educational effectiveness through assessment of learning outcomes for our academic programs.  Each of our degrees has distinct learning objectives which are measured through our assessment program and evaluated by curriculum committees. Though not all data is yet at or above our strategic goals, the assessment data indicates that our programs meet their intended outcomes, demonstrating educational effectiveness. 


Assessment Tool: STB Comprehensive Exam

Measure: Percentage of students who met threshold score of 6 out of 9 points

Data:  2009 – 82%; 2010 – 54%; 2011 – 73%; 2012 - 56%; 2013 - 50%

Assessment Tool: Integrating M.Div. Seminar Presentation

Measure: Percentage of students who met threshold score of 6 out of 9 points

Data: 2010 – 79%; 2011 – 77%; 2012 - 81%; 2013 - 100%

Assessment Tool: Homiletics Rubric

Measure: Percentage of students who meet the threshold score of 12.

Data: 2010- 91%; 2011 - 91%; 2012 - 95%; 2013 - 100%


Assessment Tool: MA Thesis Rubric

Measure: Percentage of students who meet threshold score of 25

Data: 2009 - 100%; 2010 - 61%; 2011 - 53%; 2012 - 73%; 2013 - 81%


Assessment Tool: MAPS Pastoral Care Assessment Tool

Measure: Percentage of students who met identified criteria

Data: 2010 - 84%; 2011 - 88%; 2012 - 100%

Another way Sacred Heart Major Seminary measures its educational effectiveness is by tracking the rate at which students who complete one of our undergraduate programs continue their education in graduate studies.  From 2002 to 2013, over 76% of students who earned a bachelor's degree at Sacred Heart Major Seminary have entered a graduate program.

Below is a list of commonly requested reports that comprise the seminary's Fall 2013 Data Book; data books for prior years are available upon request.  To request data not listed below, please submit a Data Request Form to the Office of the Registrar.

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