Sacred Heart Major Seminary is part of the Detroit Metropolitan area, an area that has a total population of approximately 950,000. The campus, built at Chicago Blvd. and Linwood, is completely secured with a perimeter fence and controlled access to the grounds.

The only entrance to the grounds is through one gated area. Once access to the grounds has been obtained, admittance to the building complex can only be obtained through the main entrance.

The SHMS Security Department, supplemented by a licensed private security agency, is responsible for campus security at the Seminary. This full time staff operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week overseeing the entrance gate as well as the building entrance. SHMS Security officers are also responsible for conducting patrols of the campus buildings and enforcing Seminary policies and regulations. Although their arrest powers are limited, public safety is never compromised since a cooperative relationship with other local, county and state police agencies is maintained.

All campus facilities are well maintained and inspected regularly with adequate lighting provided in all areas. All guests to the complex must be escorted by a resident or staff member. Exit doors of the complex are electronically alarmed, with any intrusion immediately alerted to the front security desk and taken care of accordingly.

All vehicles of staff, residence and students are tagged with a parking permit which allows access to a restricted parking area. All visitors are directed to the visitor parking area.

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