Students who have attended SHMS but have not enrolled in a class for over three academic years must apply for readmission. The Office of Admissions reserves the right to determine if readmission is required based on the above requirements. In order to be considered for readmission, students must complete the following:

  • Complete a Change of Program/Readmission Application together with the $30 readmission fee. This application should include the reasons for withdrawal and why the student feels they are able to return at this time. Incomplete forms will not be accepted by the Admissions Committee.
  • Students who have attended other colleges and/or universities since their most recent enrollment at Sacred Heart must submit an official transcript from each college or university attended to the Office of Admissions before a readmission decision will be made.
  • Students who took courses at a reduced tuition rate (i.e. numeric grades on transcript) must convert these classes to full-credit courses in order for them to apply to a degree or diploma program.  Cost is calculated by the following formula:

Number of credit hours x Current credit hour rate/2 = Total amount due

  • If a student previously studied as a seminarian, he must petition and obtain written approval from the current Rector.

International Students:  Please refer to the International Student Admission policies.

All readmission materials must be received by the appropriate admissions committee per the current admission deadlines.

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