Post Graduate Certificate in the New Evangelization


The primary purpose for offering this Post-Graduate Certificate is to provide a way for those who already have an M.A., M.A.P.S., or M.DIV. degree an opportunity to do some substantial study in the New Evangelization without enrolling for an S.T.L. degree in the S.T.L. program. It is designed for those who do not have the prerequisites to enroll in the S.T.L. program for an S.T.L. degree or do not have the time/desire to complete another degree.

In addition, the Certificate may be granted to a student who was admitted into the S.T.L. program but was not able to complete it successfully for whatever reason, but who took enough courses to satisfy the requirements for the Certificate. The Certificate would be granted under the authority of Sacred Heart Major Seminary and the School of Theology. This Certificate is another way we as an institution can accomplish our stated primary goal of “Preparing Heralds for the New Evangelization.”

This course of study is available in a traditional classroom format and also may be completed in its entirety in an online format.


  1. An understanding of the historical roots, the scriptural and doctrinal foundations, and the main magisterial pronouncements related to the New Evangelization.
  2. An understanding of the essential link between spirituality and evangelization.
  3. An understanding of the various ways in which evangelization has been carried out in the history of the Church and is being carried out today in a variety of models and methods.
  4. An understanding of the collaborative relationship between clergy and laity that is necessary for the success of the new evangelization.
  5. An understanding of the various cultural situations in which the New Evangelization must take place.

Course of Study

Required Courses: (choose any 3)

STL/NE 865 Theology of the New Evangelization3cr
STL/NE 868Evangelization and Spirituality3cr
STL/NE 872Models of Evangelization: Historical and Contemporary3cr
STL/NE 878The Social-Cultural Milieu of the New Evangelization2cr
STL/NE 874Contemporary Apologetics  2cr
STL/NE 912Christology 2cr
STL/NE 954Catholic Social Teachings on Sexuality2 cr
STL/NE 977The Letters of Paul and the New Evangelization3cr

Elective Courses: (STL or NE level courses)

Students must take sufficient elective courses to meet the graduation requirement of 15 credits. Students are permitted to use additional required courses (listed above) as elective courses. Students are counseled to choose elective courses according to a plan of study that will help them achieve their ministry goals or fill gaps in their graduate theological studies.

Program Requirements

  1. A minimum of 15 credit hours must be earned through completion of the course of study.
  2. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is required.

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Admissions information for this program can be found on the Graduate Admissions page.

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