Alcohol and Drug Policy

Adherence to all Seminary, local, State and Federal laws and rules of conduct is expected to assure maximum security. Sacred Heart Major Seminary prohibits the unlawful possession, use, storage, sale or distribution of drugs and alcoholic beverages by students and employees on campus. In addition, the use of tobacco products in all public areas of the building, unless otherwise designated and posted, is strictly prohibited.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse Education Programs

The college offers an employee assistance program for drug or alcohol abuse. Please contact the AOD Human Resources Department for details.

In addition, students, faculty and employees may seek assistance for Substance Abuse treatment and prevention programs through Catholic Social Services of Wayne County. These Substance Abuse programs focus on outpatient care for adult alcoholics, drug abusers and their families. Services are comprised of:

  • Counseling through group and family formats
  • Direct support and skill training for individuals and groups
  • Case Management designed to assist with accessing community resources
  • Group Counseling for individuals with similar types of problems


Weapons Policy

No unauthorized person is permitted to carry on his person, in a briefcase or handbag or any other container or in any other way have possession of any weapon, firearm, ammunition or explosive. In addition, any dangerous article or substance with the potential to injure or distress a person on the premises is prohibited.

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