Matriculation/Change of Program

Students currently admitted as an Unclassified (non-degree seeking or audit) Undergraduate or Unclassified (non-degree seeking or audit) Graduate and who wish to matriculate into a degree program must complete the full admissions process for the desired degree program. 

All other undergraduate and graduate students who wish to change to a different course of study within the College of Liberal Arts or Graduate School of Theology must:


  • Submit a Change of Program/Readmission Application and a $30 processing fee, indicating the reasons for the request and the student's goals upon completion of the program. Incomplete forms will not be accepted by the Admissions Committee.
  • If a student has less than a cumulative 2.5 GPA, he/she must also submit a recommendation form completed by a previous instructor.
  • If a student previously studied at Sacred Heart Major Seminary as a seminarian, he must petition and obtain written approval from the current Rector.



Once all required materials have been received, the appropriate Admissions Committee will review the request per the current admission deadlines.  The request will only be considered if the student meets the admissions requirements for the program in which he/she wishes to matriculate or change. Applicants will receive notification by both email and regular mail from the Office of Admissions regarding the committee’s decision on their change of program request.  Students are admitted into the bulletin in effect for the new program at the time of acceptance and as specified in the acceptance letter.


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