Incomplete Grades

Incomplete Grades: Students enrolled in courses at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, including independent study, individual studies, or internships, are expected to complete all required coursework by the deadline set by the institution’s academic calendar. If, due to unforeseen emergencies, a student cannot complete the required coursework by the end of the semester, he/she may request a grade of incomplete by submitting a “Request For Incomplete” form available through the Office of the Registrar. (see Registrar Forms)

The purpose of an incomplete (“I”) is to minimize the negative consequences of unforeseen emergencies resulting in failure to complete course requirements by the deadline. It is not a means for extending deadlines to accommodate personal schedules. The grade of incomplete is a temporary grade that indicates that the student has not completed all course requirements. The grade of incomplete is only appropriate for students who have attended and participated in classes. Students who have missed a significant number of classes for health reasons should contact the registrar. An incomplete grade may impact financial aid. Students should consult the Office of Financial Aid for details. 

See: Academic Catalog, page 79

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