High School Student Dual-Enrollment/High School Graduate under 18 Years of Age

High school students of superior ability who have completed their junior year as well as students under the age of 18 who have a high school diploma or GED may be admitted as special students to Sacred Heart Major Seminary under Early Enrollment status. In extremely rare cases, the dean of studies and the dean of the Institute for Lay Ministry may allow a student who has completed his/her sophomore year to be admitted, provided the student possesses an outstanding social and intellectual character; these cases are an anomaly and is not the practiced norm. High school students may earn college credit (maximum of six credit hours per semester in lower division courses) at SHMS while concurrently completing high-school graduation requirements. All credits earned under Early Enrollment status may be applied toward a diploma or degree program. The following requirements must be submitted prior to enrolling:


1. Letter of approval from a parent or legal guardian.

2. Letter of permission from a high school principal or guidance counselor indicating a scholastic standing of 3.0 or better.

3. Official high school transcript.

4. Personal interview with the director of admissions prior to admission; an interview with the director of admissions, the dean of the Institute for Lay Ministry, and the dean of studies is required for students who have just completed their sophomore year of study.


Students who wish to continue enrollment following high school must complete all standard undergraduate admission requirements as listed above, including all application forms and procedures.


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