Graduate Academic Program for the Permanent Diaconate


Aspirants for the permanent diaconate who wish to study at the graduate level complete their intellectual formation by earning the Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology (MAPS) degree.


For the goals of the MAPS, please refer to the MAPS section of our website. (

Undergraduate Prerequisites (required for students with no previous academic work in philosophy or theology)

THE 123

Introduction to the Catholic Faith

2 cr

THE 249

Introduction to Sacred Scripture

3 cr

PHL 415

Philosophy for Theology

3 cr


Course of Study (49 credits)

Courses Taken During the Period of Aspirancy

ST 500

Theological Methodology

2 cr

IS 505

Theological Research and Writing

1 cr

ST 501

Theology of Mission and Ministry

2 cr

SP 690

Human and Spiritual Adult Development

2 cr

SS 521

Method and Pentateuch

3 cr

ST 5351

Human Person and Grace

2 cr


Courses Taken During the Three Years of Diaconate Formation 

SS 525


3 cr

ST 650

Trinitarian and Christological Foundations of the Christian Faith

3 cr

ST 6351

Nature and Mission of the Church

2 cr

LS 575

The Sacramental Life of the Church

2 cr

MT 675

Foundations of Christian Moral Life

3 cr

SS 625

Pauline Literature

3 cr

EV 680

Pastoral Care Across Cultures

2 cr

AT 550

Church Law for Parish Ministers

2 cr

PM 625

Diaconal Homiletics Practicum

3 cr

PM 612

Liturgical Practicum

3 cr

IS 891

M.A.P.S. Supervised Ministry

2 cr‡

IS 885-888

M.A.P.S. Formation Seminar I-IV (taken in first two years of study)

2 cr

THE 340

Church History

3 cr*

MNS 271

Pastoral Catechetics

2 cr*

MNS 228

Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

2 cr*


Courses usually taken after Ordination

SP 735

History of Spirituality

3 cr

LS 645

Sacraments of Initiation

2 cr

PM 520

Dynamics of Parish Leadership

2 cr

*Undergraduate coursework is required for formation, but does not count toward the M.A.P.S. degree.

‡IS 891 is intended to be taken in the student’s fourth year of the degree program.


Program Requirements

  1. A minimum of 48 credit hours must be earned through completion of the course of study.
  2. A maximum of 16 hours may be applied to the degree from other institutions or from other credit earning options
  3. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is required.
  4. This program must be completed in six years after matriculation. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may request an extension in writing to the dean of studies.
  5. Students must complete a one credit course in graduate theological research, IS 505 Theological Research and Writing. This course must be done in conjunction with ST 500 Theological Methodology, and should be done within the student’s first year of study. The course is graded pass/fail; credits earned do not count toward the 48 credits required in total for the degree.
  6. Students must participate in an assessment of the academic program, including completion of a Graduating Student Questionnaire during their final year of study.


Graduate course descriptions can be found here.

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Admissions information for the M.A.P.S can be found here

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