Gmail Migration FAQ

Last Updated Tuesday, January 10, 2017.


If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to stop by the I.T. Office at Sacred Heart or fill out a support ticket at



Will I still be able to attach Microsoft Office documents to email?

  • Yes, you will be able to attach files as you always have.

Do I have to use the Google Chrome web browser?

  • No, you may use any web browser that you like. However the best experience with Gmail is with Chrome.

Can I be logged into both my account and personal Gmail account at the same time?

  • Yes you may. You can do this in the Chrome browser by following the instructions here. Another recommended option is to use one web browser (Chrome for example) for your Sacred Heart account, and a different one (Firefox for example) for your other account. That way you can easily differentiate the accounts by the web browser application

How long will Zimbra be available after this change?

  • At this time we anticipate Zimbra being available for 30-days after the change. This date is fluid based on how the transition goes.



Will my email address change?

  • No, your email address remains the same. Gmail is just the service we use for email. Think of Gmail more as a direct replacement for Zimbra.

What will happen to all my existing email in Zimbra?

  • All email currently in Zimbra will be copied by the IT Dept from Zimbra to Gmail using a migration tool provided by Google. Watch for news in January regarding this process.

Can I start using Gmail now?

  • It is highly recommended that you do not. All email is currently being delivered to both Zimbra and Gmail. You can also send from Gmail. However, often SPAM filters look at the “authoritative” server as one key factor in determining if something is SPAM. If you choose to send from Gmail, it is more likely that your email will be flagged as SPAM.

How can I forward my SHMS Gmail to another account?

Will there be less SPAM/junk email?

  • While we cannot guarantee there will be less SPAM email, Google has much more experience detecting SPAM so the filters are much better. In addition, the IT department has more control over SPAM with Google than it did with Zimbra.

What email client software can I use with Gmail?

  • At this time the IT Department recommends using a web browser when on a computer and the official Gmail app on mobile devices. At a future date other clients may be supported.

Can I use Inbox by Gmail?

  • Inbox by Gmail aka "Google Inbox" is another interface to Gmail with a focus on productivity. See for more information. Yes, you may use Inbox if you wish.

How do I setup SHMS Gmail on my mobile device (phone, tablet etc)?

  • At this time please use the official Gmail app, which is available for free for both Android and iOS.
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