Faculty & Staff

The intellectual strength of any academic institution is based upon its faculty. Sacred Heart Major Seminary is proud to be home to a world class faculty in Philosophy and Theology. Nationally and internationally known, SHMS faculty are recognized intellectual leaders in their chosen fields. SHMS faculty have taught around the country and around the world, and they bring this experience to the graduate and undergraduate programs at Sacred Heart.

Being experts in their fields, the faculty of SHMS play active roles in the intellectual and academic development of their subjects through the publication of scholarly books, journal articles, blogs, and contributions to reference texts.

In addition to their teaching and academic publications, our faculty are frequent speakers at academic conferences, contributors to national news media, and consultants for Pontifical Councils. All of factors are reflected in the classroom, allowing the students of SHMS to share in and benefit from the experience and expertise of their professors.

A dedicated and faith-filled support staff is the "bones" of a seminary, forming the structural support for the seminary to carry out its sacred mission. Finance, admissions, fundraising, security, educational technology, maintenance, dining services: the unheralded members of these and other departments join with Sacred Heart's educators and formators as a unified family, all in support of forming the Body of Christ for ministry.









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