In the event of an emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the Sacred Heart Major Seminary campus, Sacred Heart Security and Administration staff will respond to the scene and determine the type of emergency, severity, and appropriate response to the situation. In certain instances police, fire or medical assistance may be immediately requested based on received information prior to response to the scene by Sacred Heart staff.

Emergency Notification

If an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, staff, visitors or employees is confirmed, Sared Heart Major Seminary Security and Administrative staff will determine the content of and initiate an emergency notification to all or part of the Sacred Heart community. Each notification, based on the event, will be issued by various means including alarms, an emergency notification system and media.

Emergency Evacuation

SHMS Security, Administrative Staff or other emergency response personnel will announce evacuation of all or part of a building or the campus. The SHMS community should follow instructions of SHMS Security staff, Building Administration or emergency personnel during evacuations.

Building Evacuation

An evacuation alarm sounding within a building requires immediate evacuation. All, students, faculty, staff and any other individuals within the building must immediately depart the building using designated exit routes if safe. Department administrators are responsible to ensure that staff is aware of exit routes and the location of their determined designated meeting area.

Limited Evacuation

A temporary evacuation of a portion of a building may occur for several reasons including mechanical or electrical failure, or other facility-related issues of health, safety and/or environmental concerns.

Campus-wide Evacuation

For any event that significantly threatens SHMS, an evacuation of the campus will be announced by the SHMS Security and Administration Department, after receiving approval from the Rector/President or the designated administrator in charge.

Medical Emergencies

The Detroit Fire Department operates a full paramedic rescue unit 24 hours a day. In the event that emergency medical assistance is needed call 911 to contact the City of Detroit EMS. For additional assistance contact the SHMS Security desk by dialing 8536 or “0”. Automated External Defibrillators are located throughout the building. The locations are:

  • Front Door / Security Desk
  • Interior hall /Outside Gym
  • Hallway / Bishop Gallagher Room
  • North Quadrant 1st floor / Registrar Office
  • North Quadrant 2nd floor / SJV Elevator


Fire Safety

Sacred Heart Major Seminary (SHMS) adheres to the local fire code and performs fire evacuation drills for employees and residents. The SHMS Security staff and Administration work together to provide the residents and staff with fire safety programs. In addition, fire drills are conducted and evacuation routes are posted throughout the building. Future improvements for Fire Safety Plans are an ongoing process with SHMS Administration and Security.


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