Desert Formation Experience is the thirty-day spiritual pilgrimage first-year graduate seminarians make each year to the Holy Land. There they experience firsthand the places Christ walked and taught, suffered and died, while seeking his guidance in their own walk toward the priesthood.

The ultimate goal of the Desert Formation Experience and all of the summer programs is to ensure the priest-graduate of the seminary is a man of strong character and deep spirituality; a man you can be proud to call your spiritual “Father.”

DFE Blog: Walk Along with the Seminarians

The DFE pilgrims keep a spiritual blog in which they share insights from each day of their journey. Why not go on a “pilgrimage” to the Holy Land yourself by following along with them? Visit sacred sites such as Bethlehem, Nazareth, the River Jordan, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Journey with the seminarians to the holy city of Rome, the final destination on their life-altering Desert Formation Experience. Go to blog.

Desert Meals

The Desert Formation Experience cost roughly $200 per seminarian per day ($1,500 per week). You can invite your friends, family, and parish to support this program when you host a “Desert Meal.” During this event, DFE seminarians make a presentation at the meal and invite guests to make a freewill offering. The names of the Desert Meal host and contributors are placed on a Prayer Scroll and prayed for by the pilgrims at each holy site. (Call 313-596-7401 to learn more.)

Desert Golf Classic

Why not support the DFE seminarians and have a great time, too? Get a golf team together in mid-September and take on the gorgeous course at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan. Join golfers for bragging rights at a cocktail hour and awards dinner afterwards. Learn more at

Can You Help?

Only through the generosity of benefactors can the men cover the cost of this spiritual journey of faith. At a gift of $100 and above, you will be recognized as a champion of the seminarians in Sacred Heart’s annual Stewardship Report.