Sacred Heart Major Seminary welcomes all commuter (non-resident) students, whether lay men or women, those in religious life, or priests. We offer many services and opportunities for you at our beautiful campus. Here are links to services, information, and opportunities available to our commuter students:

Read what some of our lay students say about their experience at Sacred Heart!

"Although I grew up Catholic and attended a Catholic high school, I never really appreciated the beauty of my Catholic faith until I began taking classes at Sacred Heart. It is one of the best decisions I ever made."

Dom Pastore, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (M.A.P.S.)

"Do you want to know what truth is? Do you want to know what happiness is? For answers to life's most important questions, take classes at Sacred Heart."

Mike Whinihan, Bachelor of Philosophy (B. Phil.)

"It is a blessing to be in an educational environment with others who share my spiritual beliefs and deep love for the Catholic Church."

Zojilia Teachworth, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (M.A.P.S.)

"The time I've spent at the seminary has been simply invaluable. The instructors are not only concerned with students' academic prowess but with their spiritual formation."

Paul Stuligross, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (M.A.P.S.)

"I started taking classes to supplement what I'd learned through our parish RCIA, not planning on any other classes beyond Introduction to Theology, but I got hooked. There's something special about studying at the seminary."

John Parker, Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.)

"Sacred Heart is a passionately Catholic institution where academic excellence flourishes. All my study is helping me to grow in my relationship with God and is strongly impacting my ministry."

Patty Breen, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (M.A.P.S.)