The purpose of the Basic Undergraduate Diploma Program in Music Ministry at Sacred Heart Major Seminary is to provide students with a course of study in the area of liturgical music ministry.


SHMS strives to instill in its Basic Undergraduate Diploma in Music Ministry recipients an ability to:

  • Choose ritual music with some understanding of its function, appropriateness and musical value.
  • Lead the faithful in song with their various instrumental/vocal disciplines, with basic integrity, discipline, and a sense of the beautiful.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of music theory, through the ability to read music and understand the basic function of harmony.
  • Course of Study (28 credit hours)

    CLA 161 Oral Communication 3 cr
    THE 123 Introduction to Catholic Faith 2 cr
    THE 249 Introduction to Sacred Scripture 3 cr
    THE 210 Introduction to Liturgy & Sacraments 2 cr
    MNS 315 Liturgical Prayer of the Church 2 cr
    MUS 350 The Art of Liturgical Music 3 cr
    MUS 219 Basic Theory/Ear Training I 2 cr
    MUS 220 Basic Theory/Ear Training II 2 cr
    MUS 215 Piano Proficiency 2 cr
    MUS 315 Vocal Proficiency 2 cr
    MUS 341 Ensemble 1 cr
    MUS 221-4 Individual Instrumental Musica I-IV (O,P,V) 4 cr

    A portion of the required course work, determined in consultation with the student's academic advisor, may be completed through the Detroit Area Catholic Higher Education Consortium.

    Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 28 credits must be earned through completion of the course of study.
  • A minimum of 14 semester hours of credit must be earned at SHMS.
  • The student must maintain a C average (2.0).
  • The student must participate in 3 (three) Formation Sessions during the course of study.
  • Discernment
  • Theological Reflection
  • Spiritual Direction
  • The student must participate in an assessment process at the time of graduation.