The purpose of the Basic Diploma in Music Ministry at Sacred Heart Major Seminary is to provide students with a course of study in the area of liturgical music ministry.


SHMS strives to instill in its Basic Undergraduate Diploma in Music Ministry recipients an ability to:

  • Choose ritual music with some understanding of its function, appropriateness and musical value.
  • Lead the faithful in song with their various instrumental/vocal disciplines, with basic integrity, discipline, and a sense of the beautiful.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of music theory, through the ability to read music and understand the basic function of harmony.
  • Course of Study (28 credit hours)

    CLA 161 Oral Communication 3 cr
    THE 123 Introduction to the Catholic Faith 2 cr
    THE 249 Introduction to Sacred Scripture 3 cr
    THE 210 Introduction to Liturgy & Sacraments 2 cr
    MNS 315 Liturgical Prayer of the Church 2 cr
    MUS 350 The Art of Liturgical Music 3 cr
    MUS 219 Basic Theory/Ear Training I 2 cr
    MUS 220 Basic Theory/Ear Training II 2 cr
    MUS 215 Piano Proficiency 2 cr
    MUS 315 Vocal Proficiency 2 cr
    MUS 341 Ensemble 1 cr
    MUS 221-4 Individual Instrumental Musica I-IV (O,P,V) 4 cr

    A portion of the required course work, determined in consultation with the student's academic advisor, may be completed through the Detroit Area Catholic Higher Education Consortium.

    Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 28 credits must be earned through completion of the course of study.
  • A minimum of 14 semester hours of credit must be earned at SHMS.
  • The student must maintain a C average (2.0).
  • The student must participate in 3 (three) Formation Sessions during the course of study.
  • a. Discernment
  • b. Theological Reflection
  • c. Spiritual Direction
  • The student must participate in an assessment process at the time of graduation.

    See a complete list of our Undergraduate Course Descriptions.

    See our Bulletins for this and past academic years.


    Admissions information for the Basic Diploma in Music Ministry Program can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions page.