The purpose of the Basic Diploma in Catholic Theology is to provide students with a course of study in the area of the foundations of Catholic theology as well as communica- tions and basic ministry skills. This course of study constitutes a partial ful llment of the require- ments for archdiocesan certi cation of volunteers and professionals in ministry, and it may be used as a component of the Associate of Arts in Ministry (A.A.M.) degree or the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) degree. 


SHMS strives to instill in its Basic Diploma recipients an ability to demonstrate a basic understanding of Sacred Scripture, Catholic tradition, and ministry, such as:

  • Demonstrate the use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and some conciliar documents for the study of Catholic theology.
  • Identify the basic tenets of the Catholic faith.
  • Apply Catholic theology and the principles of theological reflection to a ministerial case study.
  • Course of Study (27 credit hours)

    CLA 153 Rhetoric 3 cr
    CLA 161 Introduction to Oral Communication 3 cr
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (or) an introductory course in psychology) 3 cr
    THE 123 Introduction to the Catholic Faith 2 cr
    THE 210 Introduction to Liturgy and Sacraments 2 cr
    THE 219 Introduction to the Catholic Church 2 cr
    THE 249 Introduction to Sacred Scripture 3 cr
    THE 243 Introduction to Spirituality 2 cr
    THE 274 Introduction to Moral Theology 2 cr
    THE 310 Apologetics I* 3 cr
    MNS 101 Theology of Ministry 2 cr

    *To be taken in student’s final year of the Basic Diploma in Catholic Theology program.

    Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 27 credits must be earned through completion of the course of study.
  • A minimum of 14 semester hours of credit must be earned at SHMS.
  • The student must maintain a C average (2.0).
  • The student must participate in three Formation Sessions during the course of study.
  • a. Discernment
  • b. Theological reflection
  • c. Spiritual Direction
  • The student must participate in an assessment process at the time of graduation.

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    Admissions information for the Basic Diploma in Catholic Theology can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions page.