The purpose of the Bachelor of Philosophy program at Sacred Heart Major Seminary is to provide an undergraduate degree in a two-year format with a major in philosophy for students who already possess a bachelor degree.


  1. That students develop the habit of using and integrating faith and reason.                      
    • Learning Outcome: Students will articulate in writing and orally the distinction and the relationship of faith and reason.
  2. That students shall be able to read carefully, think critically, write clearly, and speak persuasively.
    • Learning Outcome: Students will be able to read works in various genres and be able to understand their principal arguments and themes.
    • Learning Outcome: Students will be able to organize and defend arguments in speaking and writing that make their points of view clear and persuasive.
  3. That students achieve knowledge of both the historical and systematic aspects of the western philosophical tradition, particularly, though not exclusively, the tradition of Thomism
    • Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate a grasp of basic insights about nature, humanity, and God.
    • Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to explain both the individual structure of the articles and the overall structure of the Summa Teologica and demonstrate an ability to use it. 
  4. That students achieve a theological knowledge of both historical and systematic aspects of Catholic doctrine.
    • Learning Outcome: Students will be able to de ne and explain two basic truths in the areas of theological foundations, spirituality, moral theology, ecclesiology, Sacred Scripture, and liturgy and sacraments.
    • Learning Outcome: Students shall be able to explain the historical context and development of a major Catholic doctrine.

Course of Study (67 credit hours)

Languages (9 credit hours)

LAT 121 Introductory Latin I 3 cr
LAT 122 Introductory Latin II 3 cr
  A course in Spanish or other pastoral language  3 cr

Music (5 credit hours)                   

MUS 315 Vocal Proficiency 2 cr
MUS 350 The Art of Liturgical Music 3 cr

Theology (13 credit hours)

THE 123 Introduction to the Catholic Faith 2 cr
THE 210 Introduction to Liturgy and Sacraments 2 cr
THE 219 Introduction to the Catholic Church 2 cr
THE 243 Introduction to Spirituality 2 cr
THE 249 Introduction to Sacred Scripture 3 cr
THE 274 Introduction to Moral Theology 2 cr

Philosophy (40 credit hours) 

PHL 225 Ancient Philosophy 3 cr
PHL 235 Medieval Philosophy 3 cr
PHL 242 Modern Philosophy 3 cr
PHL 245 Contemporary Philosophy 3 cr
PHL 250 Logic 3 cr
PHL 300 Epistemology 3 cr
PHL 350 Philosophy of Nature 3 cr
PHL 365 Philosophical Anthropology 3 cr
PHL 380 Natural Theology 3 cr
PHL 410 Ethics 3 cr
PHL 420 Political Philosophy 3 cr
PHL 450 Metaphysics 3 cr
PHL 495-8 Philosophy Thesis Seminar I-IV 4 cr

*These courses are taken during the last four semesters of the program of study. Students will earn one credit per semester. 

Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 67 credit hours must be earned through completion of the course of study.
  • No less than 30 credit hours shall be earned in residence at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.
  • Transferring students must earn credit for a minimum of two courses in philosophy at SHMS and complete a minimum of one full year of study at SHMS before qualifying for the degree.
  • Students must maintain a C average (2.0) for the required 60 semester hours (120 quality points).
  • Students must maintain a C average (2.0) for the courses earned in philosophy.
  • Students must participate in an assessment process of the academic program.
  • See a complete list of our Undergraduate Course Descriptions.

    See our Bulletins for this and past academic years.

    Priestly Formation

    Students aspiring to the priesthood participate in the programs of spiritual, human and apostolic formation as part of the B.Phil. program. These formational goals and requirements are spelled out in the seminarian formation handbook.


    Admissions information for this program can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions page.