I am interested in applying to Sacred Heart Major Seminary. What do I need to do?

First, fill out an online application and submit the $30 application fee. Next, contact all colleges and universities that you have attended and at which you have earned academic credit and ask them to send official transcripts to Office of Admissions, 2701 W. Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Michigan 48206. Finally, call the Office of Admissions at (313) 883-8769 and arrange a time for a personal interview. More information on admissions requirements can be found here.


I started the online application but didn't finish it. How can I complete the application?

Click on the link to continue the application. You will need the PIN number which was emailed to you as well as your email address to access your original application. Please do not attempt to complete a new application as this will result in multiple PIN numbers.


I just want to take a class. Why do I need to submit transcripts?

Sacred Heart Major Seminary is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and thus, we are required to have official transcripts on all students, whether you take one or twenty classes, whether you take a class for credit or are just auditing.


How do I get an "official" transcript?

You can request your transcripts from the registrar's office at each school you have attended. Many academic institutions have a website where you can request your transcripts online. In order for a transcript to be an official copy, it must come in a sealed envelope directly from the school or be sent via email directly from the school.


I have a copy of my transcript(s). Can I send you this copy?

A student copy of a transcript (typically marked or stamped "student copy") is not considered official and cannot be used for final acceptance. You may send the student copy if you would like to get a preliminary audit of possible transfer courses but it will not count as an official transcript. In unique cases, prospective students can be provisionally accepted with unofficial transcripts; however a hold is placed on their record for one semester allowing the student time to request the official transcripts.


I graduated from a Catholic high school that is no longer open. How do I get my transcripts?

Many diocesan offices have an archives department where student transcripts are stored from closed Catholic high schools. In the Archdiocese of Detroit, you can call the Archives Office at (313) 237-5846.


I have a GED. How can I get my scores?

You must request the GED scores in the state in which you took the GED. Most states have a website on which you can download a request form or a phone number to contact to request scores. Students who completed a GED in Michigan can request scores through the State of Michigan website.


Why do I need an interview?

The interview allows the Director of Admissions to get to know who you are, how God has been leading you, and understand some of your goals for studying at the Seminary. The interview gives you time to ask all the questions that you might have about registration, financial aid, etc. In addition, by personally visiting Sacred Heart, you will experience first-hand the academic, spiritual and communal life of the Seminary. To arrange the interview, please contact Admissions using the Contact Us Form or call (313) 883-8769.


When will I be notified whether or not I have been admitted?

Once all your admission materials are submitted, your file will be reviewed by the appropriate admissions committee (composed of the Dean of the Institute for Ministry, Director of Admissions, Assistant Dean of Studies, and two faculty members) after the appropriate admissions deadline. You will be notified via email and via regular mail of the committee's decision. If accepted, you will receive a user name and password, SHMS email, and instructions on how to register online for class.


Who should write my recommendations?

One recommendation form or letter should be from your pastor. The second recommendation form or letter can be from a co-worker, boss, current instructor or previous instructor. The person should be capable of assessing whether you would be a suitable candidate for your desired program of study. Recommendations from family members and friends will not be accepted.


What should I write in my essay?

The essay should include biographical experience of your personal and spiritual growth, the circumstances which have led you to apply, reasons you are choosing your desired program of study, and some of your goals upon completion of your diploma or degree. The essay can be printed and submitted in-person, via email, or via mail.


I want to transfer credits from another institution into a diploma or degree program at Sacred Heart. How do I do that?

Once we receive your official transcripts, the Office of the Dean of Studies will do a preliminary audit of your previous courses toward your desired degree program. You will be notified of the results of this audit so that you can plan, with your academic advisor, your sequence of courses for your diploma or degree.


I've received my letter of admission. When will I hear about scholarships?

The Office of Financial Aid will notify students separately of any scholarships or grants received. If you have questions, please contact the financial aid office at (313) 883-8534 or use the Contact Us Form


I have been provisionally accepted. What does this mean?

Students may be provisionally accepted for a number of reasons, which will be listed on your acceptance email or letter. Typical causes for provisional acceptance include missing official transcripts, low cumulative GPA (or in certain courses) from previous academic work, concerns about academic writing ability, etc. The student generally has one semester to meet the criteria specified on the acceptance letter in order to gain full acceptance. An admissions hold is placed on the student's record until the criteria is fulfilled; until the hold is released, the student cannot register for classes in future semesters.