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Faculty Profiles

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Title Last Name First Namesort descending Position
Margaret A. Meade Meade Margaret Part-time Faculty
Mark J. Hornbacher Hornbacher Mark Part-time Faculty
Dr. Mark S. Latkovic Latkovic Mark S. Professor of Moral and Systematic Theology
Dr. Mary Healy Healy Mary Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture
Sr. Mary Louise Putrow, OP Putrow Mary Assistant Professor of Catechetics
Dr. Mary Case Case Mary Part-time Faculty
Sr. Mary Finn, HVM Finn Mary Assistant Professor of Theology
Most Rev. Michael Byrnes Byrnes Michael Part-time Faculty
Dr. Michael McCallion McCallion Michael Rev. William Cunningham Chair of Catholic Social Analysis
Oswald Sobrino Sobrino Oswald Part-time Faculty
Paco Gavrilides Gavrilides Paco Instructor of Homiletics
Patricia Hand Hand Patricia Part-time Faculty
Dr. Peter Williamson Williamson Peter Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture
Dr. Philip Blosser Blosser Philip Philosophy
Fr. G. Pierre Ingram, CC Ingram Pierre Assistant Professor of Theology