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Faculty Profiles

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Title Last Namesort descending First Name Position
Fran Ashe Ashe Fran Part-time Faculty
Joseph Basta Basta Joseph Theology
Fr. Gerard Battersby Battersby Gerard Vice Rector /Dean of Seminarian Formation
Dr. Philip Blosser Blosser Philip Philosophy
Fr. Stephen Burr Burr Stephen Instructor of Theology
Most Rev. Michael Byrnes Byrnes Michael Part-time Faculty
Astrid Caicedo Caicedo Astrid Assistant Dean of Studies
Fr. Chas Canoy Canoy Chas Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Mary Case Case Mary Part-time Faculty
Dr. Patricia Cooney-Hathaway Cooney-Hathaway Dr. Patricia Professor of Spiritual and Systematic Theology
Laura Cristiano Cristiano Laura Part-time Faculty
Susan Cummins Cummins Susan Part-time Faculty
Fidelis D'Cunha D'Cunha Fidelis Part-time Faculty
Janet Diaz Diaz Janet Dean, Institute for Ministry
Dr. Eduardo J. Echeverria Echeverria Eduardo Professor of Philosophy and Theology