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Faculty Profiles

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Titlesort descending Last Name First Name Position
Dr. Peter Williamson Williamson Peter Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture
Dr. Philip Blosser Blosser Philip Philosophy
Dr. Ralph Martin Martin Ralph Associate Professor of Theology / Director of Graduate Programs in the New Evangelization
Dr. Robert Fastiggi Fastiggi Robert Professor of Systematic Theology
Dr. Ronald Prowse Prowse Dr. Ronald Associate Professor / Music Director
Dr. Victor M. Salas Salas Victor Philosophy
Fidelis D'Cunha D'Cunha Fidelis Part-time Faculty
Fr. Chas Canoy Canoy Chas Adjunct Faculty
Fr. Daniel Jones Jones Daniel Associate Professor of Theology
Fr. Eric Weber Weber Eric Assistant Professor of Theology
Fr. G. Pierre Ingram, CC Ingram Pierre Assistant Professor of Theology
Fr. Gerard Battersby Battersby Gerard Vice Rector /Dean of Seminarian Formation
Fr. John McDermott, SJ McDermott John Professor of Theology
Fr. John Vandenakker, CC Vandenakker John Assistant Professor of Systemic Theology / Director of Graduate Pastoral Formation
Fr. Mathias D. Thelen Thelen Fr. Mathias Theology