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Faculty Profiles

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Title Last Name First Namesort descending Position
Anita Houghton Houghton Anita Part-time Faculty
Astrid Caicedo Caicedo Astrid Assistant Dean of Studies
Carol Jadach Jadach Carol Part-time Faculty
Carol Kean Kean Carol Part-time Faculty
Fr. Chas Canoy Canoy Chas Adjunct Faculty
Fr. Daniel Jones Jones Daniel Associate Professor of Theology
Msgr. Daniel Trapp Trapp Daniel Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Liturgy and Sacraments
Dr. Daniel Keating Keating Daniel Pro Rata Associate Professor of Theology
Dr. Patricia Cooney-Hathaway Cooney-Hathaway Dr. Patricia Professor of Spiritual and Systematic Theology
Dr. Ronald Prowse Prowse Dr. Ronald Associate Professor / Music Director
Dr. Eduardo J. Echeverria Echeverria Eduardo Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Dr. Edward Peters Peters Edward Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair of Faculty Development
Dr. Elizabeth Salas Salas Elizabeth Philosophy
Fr. Eric Weber Weber Eric Assistant Professor of Theology
Fidelis D'Cunha D'Cunha Fidelis Part-time Faculty