Did you know…

. . . that your Sacred Heart ID Badge can be used to purchase meals at the refectory?

Besides being a form of identification, your ID badge is a meal purchasing solution at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. You can add value to your food account using any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. To get started, log in to http://food.shms.edu using "lastname.firstname" as your username and the same password used to access your email. Once logged in, you will see your current balance and a summary of your balance history. Click "Add Credit" on the left, enter a dollar amount, and then click "Add Value." You will be taken to a secure payment portal provided by PayPal. 

Once you have a balance on your food account, you will be able to purchase meals from the refectory using your Sacred Heart Major Seminary ID badge. To use your ID badge to purchase meals, simply use the food service area as you normally would. When you are finished making your food selections, visit the staff member sitting at the new cashier terminal located in the dining area. This person will swipe your ID badge and charge your account appropriately.