Statement from Msgr. Todd Lajiness, Rector/President, regarding the resignation of Sr. Mary Finn, HVM

In recent days, information came to my attention regarding inappropriate conduct over fifty years ago by Sr. Mary Finn. After a series of conversations with her, her superior, Archbishop Vigneron and members of the Archbishop’s team, I have accepted her resignation from the faculty of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, effective today.

As part of these conversations, Archbishop Allen Vigneron, chairman of the board of trustees at Sacred Heart, shared this:

'While serving as rector of Sacred Heart in the late 1990s, I was given partial details about Sr. Mary's inappropriate conduct that had occurred in the early 1970s. At the time, I thought the matter had been resolved. I regret this was not the case. In light of additional information and what we have come to learn about how best to respond to these situations, I support the decision to receive her resignation.'

The administration and faculty of Sacred Heart continues to work diligently to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our students and seminarians. We are committed to transparency and dedicated efforts to ensure that our actions are consistent with our policies regarding misconduct response and prevention. As we move forward in faith, I ask that you join me in praying for all those involved and that the Lord continues to bless the seminary community.

Msgr. Lajiness Todd J. Lajiness
Sacred Heart Major Seminary


Statement from Sr. Mary Finn, HVM

January 16, 2019

It is with resolve, sadness and great hope in Jesus that I am announcing my departure from Sacred Heart Major Seminary and resigning from my duties effective today.

More than fifty years ago, I misused my position of authority as a director of novices in the Home Visitors of Mary (HVM) Order, engaging in inappropriate conduct with two adult novices. I regret that behavior, have repented of my actions, and sincerely apologize for the harm I have caused.

I recently was asked about this situation and upon reflection and prayer, it became clear to me that in order to support the seminary's culture of transparency and trust, I wanted to  be forthcoming about these past actions.  Putting all of this in the hands of Jesus and trusting in Him,  I willingly resign my position at Sacred Heart.

Please know of my great love for our Eucharistic Jesus, our Church, the Home Visitors and the Sacred Heart Major Seminary community.

With love, sorrow and humility,

Sr. Mary Finn, HVM