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Name Position

Sr. Mary Finn, HVM

Assistant Professor of Theology

Rev. William J. Promesso

Part-time Faculty

Rev. Thomas Urban

Rev. Ryan Ford

Spiritual Director

Rev. Ronald Richards

Part-time Faculty

Rev. Richard J. Cassidy

Professor of Sacred Scripture

Rev. Pieter vanRooyen

Assistant Professor of Theology

Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness

Rector / President

Rev. Msgr. Robert McClory

Part-time Faculty

Rev. Mr. Lawrence Toth

Rev. Mr. Franz Hoffer

Rev. Marc A. Gawronski

Part-time Faculty

Rev. Libor Marek

Rev. Gregory Tokarski

Rev. Fr. Mathias Thelen

Adjunct Spiritual Director, Adjunct Professor of Theology

Rev. Clint McDonell

Assistant Professor of Theology

Rev. Charles Fox

Assistant Professor of Theology

Rev. Bryan Shackett

Part-time Faculty

Rev. Brian Meldrum

Part-time Faculty

Prof. Dr. Ilaria L.E. Ramelli FRHistS


Msgr. John Zenz

Part-time Faculty

Msgr. Daniel Trapp

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Liturgy and Sacraments

Fr. Timothy Laboe

Dean of Studies, Instructor of Theology

Fr. Stephen Burr

Instructor of Theology

Fr. John Vandenakker, CC

Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology / Director of Graduate Pastoral Formation

Fr. John McDermott, SJ

Professor of Theology

Fr. G. Pierre Ingram, CC

Assistant Professor of Theology

Fr. Daniel Jones

Associate Professor of Theology

Dr. Victor Salas

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Timothy Hogan

Part-time Faculty

Dr. Ronald Prowse

Associate Professor / Music Director

Dr. Robert Fastiggi

Professor of Systematic Theology

Dr. Ralph Martin

Professor of Theology / Director of Graduate Programs in the New Evangelization

Dr. Philip Blosser

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Peter Williamson

Adam Cardinal Maida Chair of Sacred Scripture

Dr. Patricia Cooney Hathaway

Professor of Spiritual and Systematic Theology

Dr. Michael McCallion

Rev. William Cunningham Chair of Catholic Social Analysis

Dr. Mary Healy

Professor of Sacred Scripture

Dr. Mary Case

Part-time Faculty

Dr. Mark S. Latkovic

Professor of Moral and Systematic Theology

Dr. John Yocum

Part-time Faculty

Dr. Janet E. Smith

Fr. Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics

Dr. Henry Russell

Dr. Elizabeth Salas


Dr. Edward Peters

Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair of Faculty Development

Dr. Eduardo J. Echeverria

Professor of Philosophy and Theology

Dr. David Twellman, D.Min.

Assistant Dean and Registrar

Dr. Daniel Keating

Professor of Theology

Tamra Fromm

Adjunct Instructor

Susan Cummins

Part-time Faculty

Sharon Williams

Part-time Faculty

Ruth Lapeyre

Part-time Faculty

Patricia Hand

Part-time Faculty

Paco Gavrilides

Instructor of Homiletics

Oswald Sobrino

Part-time Faculty

Linda Maccarone

Laura C. Piccone-Hanchon

Kevin F. Perotta

Joseph Gall

Jack Gardner, Jr.

Ida Johns

Hubert Sanders Jr.

Frances Ashe

Part-time Faculty

Fr. Peter F. Ryan, S.J.

Faith M. Offman

Dr. Matthew Gerlach

Dean of the Institute for Lay Ministry/Associate Professor of Theology/Director of Online Programs

Donna Rose Echeverria

David Conrad

Christopher Spilker

Director of Libraries

Carol Kean

Part-time Faculty

Carol Jadach

Part-time Faculty

Astrid Caicedo

Assistant Dean of Studies

Anita Houghton

Part-time Faculty