Tamra Fromm

Adjunct Instructor
Office Hours: 
By request (phone, email, Skype)
B.A., Michigan State University;
M.B.A., University of Michigan;
M.A., Sacred Heart Major Seminary.
Ph.D. (candidate), Maryvale Institute/Liverpool Hope University, Birmingham, UK
Bio / Information: 

Prior to working for the Catholic Church, Mrs. Fromm held positions in international sales and marketing for high-end household products and logistics companies. After her conversion to Catholicism in 2001, she worked in young adult ministry as the Director of Genesis Ministries, an outreach to 18-35 year-olds in the 60 parishes in Oakland County, Michigan; for the Archdiocese of Detroit as Director of Marketing for Catholic Schools, advertising for and consulting with 120 Catholic elementary and high schools on strategic planning, development, and enrollment management; for Sacred Heart Major Seminary as the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management for Sacred Heart Major Seminary from November 2009 - February 2015.

Her doctoral dissertation is on models of pre-evangelization from a cross-confessional perspective directed toward American young adults.

Mrs. Fromm speaks, reads, and writes in several languages (French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Russian with 'smatterings' of Italian, Vietnamese, Croatian, Polish, and Latin) and enjoys traveling, running, sailing, and entertaining in her spare time. 

Mrs. Fromm recently presented the following academic papers: "Encounter Ex Ecclesia" and "Faith in Flux: Stimulating Fowler's Individuative-Reflective Stage," at the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry European Biennial Conference, April 2018—at the Archbishop's Seminary in Rabat, Malta.