Sacred Heart Major Seminary engages in a strategic planning process that calls upon the talents of a broad group of constituents to develop a long-range vision for its work.  Our strategic plan is centered on the following initiatives:

  • Present for Holy Orders men who are affectively mature, spiritually grounded, intellectually competent, and pastorally prepared to engage in the Church's mission of the New Evangelization.
  • Form lay ecclesial ministers, permanent deacons, and others who are spiritually, intellectually, and pastorally prepared for service in the Church.
  • Recruit and develop faculty who are highly credentialed and committed to teaching with the mind of the Church and forming students for ministry; to recruit and develop staff that are competent, professional and committed to excellent service.
  • Effectively raise and strategically manage our financial resources so that they are sufficient and flexible enough to support seminary programs.
  • Identify, recruit, and retain an academically talented student body in keeping with our mission, vision, and core values.
  • Maintain and enhance our facilities, equipment, and systems, in order to improve operational effectiveness, respond to growth, and promote a safe environment.
  • Offer high-quality alternative delivery academic programs, which are based on our expertise in the New Evangelization, to new and existing markets.
  • Improve and increase the image and awareness of Sacred Heart Major Seminary.