Welcome to Sacred Heart Major Seminary!

Our mission at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, reflected throughout the website, guides and directs all of our efforts.  In a world that is becoming increasing toxic and hostile to the revealed Word of God and dismissive of natural law, it is imperative that we renew our commitment to forming hearts and minds ready to bring the truth of the Gospel to hungry hearts.

Even though the culture may be marked by increased hostility and a clear post-Christian posture, the Gospel prompts us to be confident as we engage culture.   In so doing, we cannot appropriately engage culture in dialogue when we view it as an object.  When we depersonalize the engagement, the modality of our engagement drifts to the extremes.  For that reason, this year we will give renewed focus to friendship in Christ as the key pathway to living the new evangelization and engaging culture.

There is a critical call for us today to form our students as heroic witnesses who are disciples and friends of Jesus, and who with heart and mind, steadfastly want others to enjoy that friendship as well.  Why?   Because participation in divine friendship is transformative and leads to eternal life.

As we carry out this mission, please remember the community of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in your prayers.

In Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Todd J. Lajiness


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