Annual Giving

Your gifts in support of the annual operations of the Seminary make an important difference in the daily lives of our students - days filled with reflection, study, prayer, and growth. The Annual Fund is a key component of the overall development program at Sacred Heart Major Seminary and is a vital source of unrestricted operating funds.  The Annual Fund allows the Seminary the flexibility of directing funds where its needs and opportunities are the greatest.

And this is most important at this critical moment in our history—with enrollment surging, and the introduction of new programs—we need a solid financial base to meet predictable increases in operating costs, to continue to attract the best and brightest faculty, to continue providing the scholarship aid so essential for deserving students, and to ensure our ability to adjust to changes that are as inevitable as they are unknown.

Consider joining one of Sacred Heart’s Annual Giving Societies.

Planned Giving

From time to time supporters inquire about ways to give “planned” gifts to Sacred Heart Major Seminary. Sometimes they are looking for ways to contribute through their wills or insurance policies, or retirement assets. And sometimes they are looking for ways to donate that will actually provide themselves with income during their lifetime. In recent years this has become a very popular way for donors to make charitable contributions.

Planned giving provides you with creative ways of giving that may also help you meet your other financial objectives. Planned gifts can reduce current income taxes through a charitable deduction, increase retirement income through a retained income stream, and address your financial obligations while providing assistance to the Seminary.

All charitable gifts are planned to some extent, but "planned giving," or as it is sometimes called "charitable gift planning,” refers to the process of making a charitable gift of one's estate assets to a nonprofit organization such as a charity or educational institution, that requires careful consideration and planning in light of the donor's overall financial and estate plan.

Planned gifts include bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts of stock or real estate, and more. Learn more about Planned Giving.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute or memorial gifts are a special way to support Sacred Heart while paying tribute to a special person in your life. This is an especially thoughtful way to honor or remember loved ones or the fine priests who have served your family or parish.

If you desire, the Seminary will inform the honoree or a designated family member of your gift (amount is not disclosed). Simply specify the name and address of the person you wish to have notified with your contribution and we will send them a special acknowledgement.

Matching Gifts

Does your company have a matching gift program? Pursuing a matching gift is an easy way to maximize your donation to the Seminary sometimes doubling or tripling the amount of your gift. Simply submit a matching gift form from your employer and send it to Sacred Heart Major Seminary with your contribution. Click here to find out if your company will match your gift.

The Archbishop’s Gala

Each June, Archbishop Allen Vigneron welcomes supporters to the Archbishop’s Gala for Sacred Heart Major Seminary. This annual event is always a great time with delicious food, entertainment and wonderful fellowship celebrating the amazing accomplishments of Sacred Heart Major Seminary while supporting our future priests, deacons and lay ministers. Please join us on June 10, 2022 for this special event. For more information, please visit:

The Fishermen’s Fund

Did you know that Sacred Heart seminarians, diaconate candidates and lay ministry students often must assume the burden of personal debt as they follow God's call to service? Sacred Heart Major Seminary's Fishermen's Fund, established and supported by the laity, exists to ensure that no vocation to the Roman Catholic priesthood, diaconate or lay ministry is hindered due to financial need.  Learn more

Endowment Gifts Help Sacred Heart Maintain Excellence in Perpetuity

A gift to establish an endowment fund demonstrates farsighted commitment to the mission of the Church and Sacred Heart Major Seminary. An endowment is a fund that is maintained in perpetuity and a portion of the annual return on investment is used for the purposes specified by the donor. Such endowments, which typically bear the name of the donor or donors, reflect your interest and serve as an enduring testament to your generosity.

There are several types of endowment funds:


These types of funds provide the Seminary with maximum flexibility to direct funds where they are needed most.


These are funds that are established with special language that directs the Seminary to use annual earnings to support a specific seminary program as identified by the donor.


These funds are created to provide students with annual tuition financial assistance. Generally a specific set of guidelines are drafted to accompany each new scholarship fund setting forth eligibility requirements etc.

For more information on the many ways that you may support Sacred Heart Major Seminary including establishing your own endowment fund contact Jim Thomas (313) 596-7450 or use our online contact form.

Sacred Heart Major Seminary (EIN 38-1358214) is a tax-exempt institution of higher education under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. Accordingly, your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor.