Rev. John McDermott, SJ

Professor of Theology
Office Hours: 
Best is by appointment, but I can be caught on most days in my office or in the library or after Mass.
A.B., Fordham University, 1967;
S.T.L., Hochschule St. Georgen, 1972;
S.T.D., Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, 1976.
Bio / Information: 



 Ordained priest, 1971. At SHMS 2006-



Professional Associations/Memberships: 

I have taught at Fordham University 1976-87, the Pontifical Gregorian University 1987-99, Pontifical College Josephinum 1999-2006, Sacred Heart Major Seminary 2006-


Member of Board of Trustees, Pope John XXIII Center for Medical-Moral Research, 1977-1980.

Editorial Consultant, Thought, 1978-1980.

peritus, meeting of Pontifical Academy of the Sciences on Brain Death, Oct. 19-21, 1985. member, Pontifical Theological-Historical Committee in Preparation for the Jubilee Year 2000:

1995-1999. peritus, International Symposium on the Inquisition sponsored by the Vatican, Oct. 29-31, 1998. participant, Consultation on Indulgences among the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the Lutheran World Federation, and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in Rome, February 9-10, 2001.

editorial board, Sapientia, 2001- . editorial board, Josephinum Journal of Theology, 2003- member, International Theological Commission, 2004-09 editorial board, Irish Theological Quarterly, 2007-2016 consultant, Doctrinal Committee of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2008-11.

Recognitions: listed in Who's Who in the World, Who’s Who in American Education, Dictionary of International Biography, Dictionnaire Bibliographique Européen, and Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century; Laghi Chair Research Professor at the Pontifical College Josephinum, 1999-2003.



Love and Understanding: The Relation of Will and Intellect in Pierre Rousselot's Christological Vision (Rome: Gregorian, 1983). (Critical reviews: Angelicum 63 (1983), 645; Stromata 39 (1983), 416f.; Estudios Eclesiasticos 59 (1984), 104f.; Theological Studies 46 (1985), 153-155; Horizons 12 (1985), 402f.; Divus Thomas (1985), 419f.; Modern Schoolman 63 (1985-86), 153f.; Archivo Teologico Granadino 49 (1986), 432f.)

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Books edited

The Thought of Pope John Paul II (Rome: Gregorian University, 1993). (Critical reviews: The Tablet 247 (1993), 981f.; Faith 26 (1994), 33; Homiletic and Pastoral Review 94 (Feb., 1994), 76f.; Religious Studies Review 20/4 (Oct., 1994), 311; The Canadian Catholic Review (Nov.,1994), 23; Crisis 13 (Jan., 1995), 56-58; Meyeutica (1994), 249f.; The Modern Schoolman 71 (1994), 325-327.)

(with J. Gavin) Pope John Paul II on the Body: Human, Eucharistic, Ecclesial: Festschrift Avery Cardinal Dulles (Philadelphia: St. Joseph’s University, 2007).

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Speaking Engagements: 
Theological Consultatio

I helped organize, accompanied, and gave talks at the Theological Consultatio in Rome held for North American bishops in September, 1994., and once for the seminarians in the same seminary.

Catholic University Chaplaincy

Most recently (summer 2019) I delivered talks to the clergy of the Westminster archdiocese and to an audience of the Catholic University Chaplaincy in Hull, England.

Pope John Paul II Inspired Conferences

I helped organize seven conferences on the thought of John Paul II held by and for North American Jesuits.

National Institute for Clergy Formation

I taught three times at the National Institute for Clergy Formation.

Religious Studies Institute at St. Joseph's Seminary

Taught twice at the Religious Studies Institute at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, N.Y. and once for the seminarians in the same seminary.