Dr. Victor Salas

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. (Philosophy) Saint Louis University, 2008
M.A. (Philosophy) Saint Louis University, 2007
Graduate Certificate (Medieval Studies) Saint Louis University, 2005
B.A., Honors (Philosophy) University of Texas-Austin, 2000
Bio / Information: 

Dr. Salas is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. His principal research interests are in medieval and late Scholastic metaphysics, especially that of Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, Duns Scotus, and Francisco Suárez. He is also interested in the relationship between medieval philosophical theology and post-Heideggerian philosophies of religion, especially those of Gianni Vattimo and Jean-Luc Marion.

At present, Dr. Salas, is beginning work on a project devoted to the exporlation of Suárez's metaphysics of possible being. Upon completion of that project, he plans to explore further the nature of Jesuit scholastic metaphysics (in general) in terms of the relationship between, on the one hand, analogy and univocity, and on the other, transcendentality and supertranscendentality. Here, the goal is to determine the nature and limits of Jesuit scholastic metaphysics. 

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