Commuter Student Council: The Voice of Sacred Heart Commuter Students


The Commuter Student Council is an advocacy group for the commuter student population. It strives to be a voice and representative of the commuter student population, reflecting their thoughts, opinions, and interests regarding formation at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.


The mission of the Commuter Student Council is to represent Sacred Heart Major Seminary commuter students. The council will provide a listening ear for comments or concerns, resources for networking and professional development, and opportunities for taking ownership of your experience at the seminary. 

A Call to Action!

Want to be a part of a thriving group of students, making change and defining their experiences at the seminary? Know someone who does? Join us and participate or suggest a fellow student for a council member position today! 

If you would like more information about the Commuter Student Council, please contact Mrs. Chyrisha Rucker at or 313-883-8696