Commuter Student Council: The Voice of Sacred Heart Commuter Students


The Commuter Student Council is an advocacy group for the commuter student population. It strives to be a voice and representative of the commuter student population, reflecting their thoughts, opinions, and interests regarding formation at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

Undergraduate Formation Days

2015-16 Academic Year

Discernment October 24, 2015
Theological Reflection January 30, 2015
Spiritual Direction   April 2, 2016

For more information call: 

Patsy Casnovsky at 313-883-8541 


These three undergraduate formation days are offered every year.

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Athletic Facilities

Sacred Heart Major Seminary offers a variety of fitness and wellness opportunities. The new fitness & weight training center for resident students features state-of-the-art equipment, free-weights, exercise area and lockers. The campus itself offers outdoor aerobic walking or running areas, gymnasium, and handball/racquetball courts.

Commuter Lounge

The commuter student lounge area is located on the main floor at the end of the classroom hall. Beverage and snack machines are available.