Please join us on for a book club discussion of What’s Your Decision?

Fr. Tim will provide discussion prompts using the themes from the book to initiate the discussion. These will include questions like, “What elements of our culture present challenges to people who are trying to make a good decision?”

Two case studies will also be used. You do not need to have attended the first session to participate. You do not even have to have read the book – that would help, but it is not necessary. This will not be presented as a class in discernment, rather it will be a discussion among those present around themes from the book. Fr. Tim has led a lot of these discussions and consistently finds that people have a lot of life experience to bring to these discussions even if this is the first time that they have ever talked about discernment in a formal sense.

For questions, please contact event manager, Emily Berschback at 313-596-7424 or