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What's New With the Faculty

Fr. Daniel Jones

Fr. Daniel Jones, associate professor of theology, presented “The Verum Sacrificium of Christ and of Christians in Augustine’s De Civitate Dei 10,” FOTA V International Liturgy Conference, Cork, Ireland, July 9.

Dr. Daniel Keating

Dr. Daniel Keating, associate professor of theology, presented to: the University Christian Outreach at Michigan State University, “Psalm 118 as a Resurrection Psalm,” April 11; the Word of Life Community, Ann Arbor, “John 20:17, ‘Do not hold onto me,’” April 15; University Christian Outreach at Michigan State University, a three-part series “Mission in the Apostle Paul,” May-June; the Ave Maria Founders Club, “Reflections on Fatherhood,” Bloomfield Hills, Ml, June 7; the Summer Biblical Institute, “Thomas Aquinas on 1 Corinthians,” Steubenville, OH, June 25; the Work of Christ Community, “Christ Our Teacher,” Lansing Ml, June 28; the Brotherhood of Hope, three conferences on “Entering the Year of Faith,” Boston, MA, July 30-31. He attended the Academy of Catholic Theology conference, Sacraments and Sacramentality, Washington DC, May 22-24, and the Messianic Jewish-Christian Church working group, Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX, June 17-19.

Fr. John McDermott, SJ

Fr. John McDermott, SJ, professor of theology, published: “Matter, Modern Science, and God,” Angelicum 88 (2011); “On Nature, Freedom, and Person in Aquinas and Beyond,” Nova et Vetera, English edition 9 (2011); “Vatican II and Ressourcement Theology,” Lateranum 78 (2012); “Is the Blessed Trinity Naturally Knowable?’ Gregorianum 93(2012); “The International Theological Commission and the Natural Law,” St. Paul, the Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory, ed. J. Adolphe, R. Fastiggi, and M. Vacca (Lexington, 2012); “Can the Blessed Trinity Be Experienced in Grace? St. Thomas and Some Recent Answers,” Josephinum Journal of Theology 18/1 (2011); “Why Study Latin and Greek?" Homiletic and Pastoral Review 111, no. 10 (August-September, 2011); “On Intellectual Formation,” ibid. 111, no. 12 (November 2011). He participated in the meeting of the USCCB Doctrine Committee, Atlanta, GA, June 12; attended the convention of the Academy of Catholic Theology, Washington, DC, May 22-24; the Jesuit Conference on Papal Thought, in Chicago, Ill., June 4-6; and assisted the National Catholic Education Association in preparing catechetical examinations, San Antonio, TX, May 1-3.

Dr. Edward Peters

Dr. Edward Peters, Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair, is on sabbatical. He spent three months in Vienna, Austria, doing language work and research; provided additional expert defense testimony in litigation filed in several states against the Holy See; and had canonical articles accepted for publication in Apollinaris (Rome), CLSA Advisory Opinions (Washington, DC), and First Things (New York).




Dr. Janet E. Smith

Dr. Janet E. Smith, Fr. Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics, attended the meeting for Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission IV for the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Hong Kong, May 3-11. She published: “A Presidential Debate on Contraception,” Catholicvoteblog, April 2; “Loving Love and Loving Babies,” Faith, May 2012; “Concerning the Principles of Conjugal Life,” by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla et al., translated by Therese Corey and Janet E. Smith, Nova et Vetera 10:2 (Spring 2012); and “The Krakow Document,” Nova et Vetera 10:2 (Spring 2012). She addressed: Columbia University, New York, NY, April 12; Knights of Columbus, Michigan Knights annual meeting, May 25; Diocese of Winona, Turning Our Gaze to Christ conference, June 22; Diocese of Charleston SC and Family Honor, Inc. Theology of the Body for Families conference, July 7; Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH, Defending the Faith conference, July 27-28. She gave a radio interview to Radio Maria in Louisiana, June 6; television interview to Aljazeera, May 31; and spoke at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally, Ann Arbor, Ml, March 23.

Oswald Sobrino

Oswald Sobrino, part-time instructor, self-published a book on St. Augustine, including some of his own original translations from portions of The Confessions, 5 Lessons from Augustine is available at He completed this project after recently finishing one year of intensive Latin at the University of Michigan, and is currently continuing his Latin studies there.