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Follow Your Seminarians on Their Pilgrimage of Faith

Each spring, Sacred Heart’s first-year graduate seminarians make a four-week spiritual pilgrimage to either the Holy Land or to the holy shrines of Europe. This “Desert Formation Experience” is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for seminarians to discern more deeply their sacred calling to the priesthood.

You can follow the pilgrims as they share their ongoing insights and experiences through their blog:  You are invited to pray for them and share your encouragement on the site.

History and music meet in spring play 1776

It was a rousing, patriotic experience at this year’s spring play. The seminarians of Sacred Heart will be performing 1776, a musical based on the events and the colorful characters surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The dates of the performances were Friday, March 21, with two performances on Saturday, March 22, to accommodate the ever-increasing attendance at these annual productions (this is the
 fifth in a row after a twenty-year hiatus).  
1776 was held in Sacred Heart’s vintage 500-seat auditorium, with attendance for the weekend at around 1,300-practically a

Jesus of the Gospels—Fact or Fiction?

At first, he declined the invitation, knowing the amount of preparation it would require, but then he reluctantly agreed. Now, Dr. Peter Williamson says, “I am so glad I accepted and hope for similar opportunities in the future.”
Dr. Williamson holds the Cardinal Maida Chair in Sacred Scripture and is an experienced Catholic evangelist. What he accepted was an invitation to debate Dr. David Skrbina, chair of the philosophy department of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 
The topic: “Is Jesus (Issa) a Fiction?”
The campus Christian student group Ratio Christi invited Williamson to debate

An Adventure in Ecumenicity: Symposium on the thought of Reformed ecumenist G.C. Berkouwer

Is the ecumenical dialogue among Evangelicals, Reformed Protestants, and Roman Catholics helping to advance the cause of Christian unity? Or is this “adventure of ecumenicity” underestimating the real differences among the confessional traditions? And exactly what is the biblical basis for this dialogue?
This half-day symposium took place on March 1st, at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. It addressed critical questions on ecumenism within the context of Dr. Eduardo Echeverria’s just-published book on the thought of Gerrit Cornelis Berkouwer.

Dinner for Life draws 300 supporters of pro-life cause

Was it the delectability of the fish dinner or the solemnity of the dinner’s purpose? No doubt it was both reasons that moved over three hundred people to disregard the frigid weather and attend the Dinner for Life on Friday evening, February 7. Sacred Heart’s seminarians sponsor the annual dinner, now in its fifth year. It is held in the seminary’s gymnasium to accommodate the ever-increasing attendance, with ticket proceeds going to support a local right-to-life outreach.

Catholic scholar George Weigel speaks at seminary prayer gathering

Noted Catholic theologian, author and social commentator George Weigel gave a guest presentation at the Fellowship of St. Paul prayer gathering at Sacred Heart Major Seminary on Friday evening, January 24. Weigel is Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, an institute in Washington, D.C., “dedicated to applying the Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy.” He is center’s William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies and author or editor of twenty books, including the highly-praised 1999 work on the life of Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope.