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Dr. Daniel Keating

Associate Professor of Theology, teaching on Scripture, Theology, the Church Fathers, Evangelization, and Ecumenism. At SHMS 2000-present.


B.A. (History), University of Michigan, 1980; M.A. (Theology, New Testament), Sacred Heart Major Seminary, 1994; M.St. (Christian Doctrine), Oxford University, 1997; Ph.D. (Theology) Oxford University, 2000.


Dr. Keating has been involved in student ministry for over thirty years, and regularly lectures to students in the United States and Europe. He lives in Lansing, Michigan, where he is a member of the Servants of the Word, a lay brotherhood dedicated to the work of evangelization and Christian unity.


The Theology of Cyril of Alexandria: A Critical Appreciation, co-editor with Thomas Weinandy (London: Continuum / T & T Clark, 2003).

The Appropriation of Divine Life in Cyril of Alexandria (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004).

Aquinas on Doctrine: A Critical Introduction, co-editor with Thomas Weinandy and John Yocum (London: Continuum / T & T Clark, 2004).

Aquinas on Scripture: An Introduction to his Biblical Commentaries, co-editor with Thomas Weinandy and John Yocum (London: Continuum / T & T Clark, 2005).

Editor, St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Colossians, trans. Fabian Larcher (Naples, FL: Sapientia Press, 2006).

Deification and Grace (Naples, FL: Sapientia Press, 2007).

Co-editor with Matthew Levering, St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Gospel of John, 3 vols, (Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 2010).

1 Peter, 2 Peter and Jude. Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011).