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An Adventure in Ecumenicity: Symposium on the thought of Reformed ecumenist G.C. Berkouwer

Is the ecumenical dialogue among Evangelicals, Reformed Protestants, and Roman Catholics helping to advance the cause of Christian unity? Or is this “adventure of ecumenicity” underestimating the real differences among the confessional traditions? And exactly what is the biblical basis for this dialogue?
This half-day symposium took place on March 1st, at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. It addressed critical questions on ecumenism within the context of Dr. Eduardo Echeverria’s just-published book on the thought of Gerrit Cornelis Berkouwer. A twentieth-century Reformed master of dogmatic and ecumenical theology, Berkouwer wrote thoughtfully on the doctrines of the Catholic Church and the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. 
In Berkouwer and Catholicism: Disputed Questions, Dr. Echeverria, professor of philosophy and theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, confronts the overriding question: “How can Catholics and Protestants be open to the truth present in serious theological dialogue?” Symposium presenters Dr. Francis Beckwith and Dr. John Bolt joined Echeverria in the inquiry, including in a Q&A session with symposium attendees.
Symposium Presenters:
Dr. Francis Beckwith
Professor of Philosophy and Church/State Studies
Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Dr. John Bolt
Professor of Systematic Theology
Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dr. Eduardo Echeverria
Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Detroit, Michigan